Bath Furniture

Create a soothing at-home retreat with bath furniture from Dura Supreme.

Water has a certain restorative quality to it … whether gurgling over stones in a brook, cascading over falls, or lapping gently against a sandy shoreline, it soothes and sustains. Similarly, a bath environment can capture the same soothing qualities of water to create a serene, cleansing and healing sanctuary within your home.

Our busy and hectic lifestyles leave us yearning for a private place where we can truly relax and indulge. With amenities that pamper the senses and design elements inspired by luxury spas, bathroom environments are being transformed from the mundane and utilitarian to the extravagant and luxurious. DIP into the pages of this design guide, SOAK in the ideas, IMMERSE yourself in inspiration, and LAVISH your private retreat with bath furniture from Dura Supreme.

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