Kitchen Cabinets

The key to a well designed kitchen is not necessarily what you see on the outside. Although the external details will certainly garner admiration from family and friends, it will be the internal accessories that make you smile day after day.

Your kitchen will simply perform better with specific accessories for tray storage, pantry goods, cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, trash and recycling bins. Double the storage in your drawers with two-tier, divided trays for silverware, utensils and cutlery. Keep your spice jars nestled in neat, orderly rows with our spice drawers and pull-outs. With Dura Supreme’s convenient cookware pull-outs to keep lids organized and accessible, you won’t be wrestling with a jumble of clanking pots and pans. These hardworking,
organizational tools transform your kitchen into an efficient workroom with their ingenious compartments and pull-out mechanisms.

Optimize, maximize and organize every valuable inch of your storage space … and then fully enjoy the art of cooking in your Dura Supreme kitchen.

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